About Community Response

Gone are the days when organisations simply hand over large cheques to charities and other worthwhile causes whilst exploiting photo opportunities with national or local media. Resources offered must now travel further, be more directly linked to organisational goals and help to define a company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.

Through Community Response we provide opportunities to capitalise on the link between an organisation's CSR projects and team and management development training.

Examples of CSR projects include:

  • Environmental improvements
  • Business charitable donations
  • Business donations of skills and resources
  • Employee volunteering
  • Team challenges and charitable events

We use such projects, as part of an ongoing process for enhancing the personal and professional skills of their workforce and, with the right facilitation, to transfer those skills back to work.

In doing so there are clear benefits across the board as follows:

  • Developing employee skills in leadership, project management, communication, negotiation and team working
  • Increased motivation and work performance amongst managers and staff through undertaking project activity with real tangible outcomes
  • Team and Management Development is underpinned by reality - employees interfacing with real members of the community, spending real money in real situations where results truly matter
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