Projects - Scale and Scope

Through our extensive network of charities and agencies we are able to offer three categories of project:

  • Conservation Projects such as building hides, pathways and bridges, and / or habitat management
  • Community Projects working with schools, charities, community and special needs groups
  • Concept Projects involving themes such as research, design, archaeology, reconstruction education and awareness schemes

In every case the project team is involved with Reality - real people to interface with, real problems to solve and real issues to address.

The range of project activity is truly enormous - from mentoring of young people within schools, homeless charities, Prince's Trust programmes, environmental improvement schemes, habitat management, traffic management and road safety issues, reading schemes, lifestyle education, special needs support, sports coaching, business and entrepreneurship advice etc. the list goes on and on.

All are practical, hands on projects requiring good team work and management skills. In all of our projects there is something for everyone:

  • Complex strategic planning and evaluation
  • Management of people and resources
  • Promotion and marketing of schemes
  • Fundraising and awareness-raising
  • Design and creative aspects
  • Use of video and photography
  • Hands-on practical tasks such as building, clearing, repairing
  • Meeting and liaising with other project partners

The entire project activity is thoroughly risk assessed and all aspects of health and safety are taken into consideration to ensure a safe environment and the well being of all participants.

In addition we can of course work with an organisation's existing charities and CSR projects weaving them into new programmes of development training.

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