Why Use Community Response?

Most businesses take their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) profile very seriously. They also like to communicate that message to customers, shareholders and staff.

Far less common is taking advantage of the learning and development opportunities for staff engaged in CSR activity. Community Response offers high quality socially responsible training and development which does just that - transfers the learning from such activity through structured programmes of training.

We suggest 7 reasons why you should consider linking your investment in the community with your investment in your people;

  1. To attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce
  2. To provide creative opportunities for staff development
  3. To gain an insight into communities, potential customers and underserved markets
  4. To learn from outside the organisation
  5. To retain public recognition and respect for socially responsible best practise
  6. To engage with your local customer who is your most important stakeholder
  7. To significantly improve profitability.
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