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Change Management

The World of Change

  • Homo sapiens have existed for c 50,000 years
  • 50,000 years = 800 lifetimes
  • 650 lifetimes have been spent in caves
  • Only in last 70 lifetimes has communication across generations been possible
  • Only in last 6 generations have we had the printed word
  • Only in the last 4 have we been able to measure time accurately
  • Only in the last 2 have we had the electric motor
  • Most familiar technology has only existed in current lifetime
  • More information in today's Times than 15th century person learned in lifetime

Change behaviour, like leadership, is underpinned by values, beliefs and attitudes but it is the values, beliefs and attitudes of our leaders which will drive it. Leaders must go first displaying consistent and positive behaviours and a commitment to change. Change is also about ownership and involvement. Those affected by it have to be involved in planning and finding solutions.

 Business Response views on change are that in change people:

  • Will feel awkward, ill at ease and self conscious
  • Will think first about what they must give up
  • Will feel alone and isolated - even if everyone else is going through the same change
  • Can only handle so much change
  • Are at different levels of readiness for change
  • Will be concerned that they don't have enough resources
  • Will revert to old behaviours if you take the pressure off

By the end of our workshops participants will:

  • Understand the nature and meaning of change
  • Be able to diagnose the impact of change on individuals/teams
  • Be able to use some practical tools to help individuals/teams through change
  • Have identified personal strengths/development needs in change management
  • Be able to conduct effective 1 to 1 consultation meetings
  • Have developed an individual action plan for managing change
  • Have undertaken a short project style activity within their own teams or departments back in the workplace


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