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Take Credit for Learning

Accredited Flexible Learning Packages leading to Major Awards

Over 70% of all training and development in the UK leads to no recognised award or qualification. Key opportunities now exist for your employees to receive academic recognition for their learning? Accredited flexible learning programmes can provide this accreditation and the obvious benefits to both employers and employee learners alike.

Business Response in association with Anglia Polytechnic University (APU) and our other network partners have created a series of modular based training packages in which participants are able to gain a major award at post experience or postgraduate level in a flexible, user friendly, way.

Our development training courses are built using ‘shell' units, accredited by APU. These are then programmed with activities and processes designed to achieve the clients' specific training needs. Each package provides a number of benefits to both employer and individual learner:

Benefits to the employer:-

  • Clear development plan
  • Rationale for updating skills
  • Monitoring and records
  • Captures ‘tacit' knowledge
  • Genuinely relevant work tasks in candidates work time (and personal time)
  • Cost effective
  • ‘Reach in' to university knowledge transfer

Benefits to the individual:-

  • Designed to meet individuals needs
  • Manner and pace to suit the individual learner
  • Improved motivation
  • Recognition of achievements
  • Sound base for future development
  • Cost largely borne by employer

The accreditation process could offer Diplomas of Credit , Post Graduate Certificates or Foundation Degrees in a named speciality within the clients own industry sector e.g. Management Communications.

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