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Creativity & Innovation Workshops

Our Creativity and Innovation workshops are primarily based on a number of highly creative team activities that are designed to provide a range of challenges around the theme of ‘creative thought and innovative action in teams'.

The focus is on 3 key areas:

  • Creative attitudes - how should we think?
  • Creative behaviour - what do creative people do?
  • From creativity to innovation - making the leap

The workshops are specifically designed for all delegates and will contain a number of interactive inputs on creativity models and thought processes as well as the activities. A fundamental outcome of the workshops is making links back to each delegate's own personal and professional lives.

Each individual and team leave the workshops armed with concrete innovative actions to put in place in order to approach one or more aspects of working practice in a different and more creative way.

Specifically Business Response facilitators look at a range of attitudes, processes and behaviours that contribute to creativity and innovation, namely:

Creative Video Project
  • Definitions of Creativity and Innovation
  • Left Brain and Right Brain processes
  • Blocks to creativity and innovation
  • Obstacles within the workplace
  • Creativity and innovation within teams
  • Leading the creative and innovative process

We also use Innovation Labs that provide a number of software based and practical approaches to the creative process.

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