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Team Building and Development

It's not only newly formed teams or teams experiencing difficulties that need training and development. Well-established, settled teams can often benefit enormously from re-focusing and re-energising their efforts through a well facilitated team building intervention.

Through Business Response we have helped hundreds of teams on their journey towards high performance. This happens using a simple but highly structured 3 stage process which can span a single day or many weeks:

1. Team Diagnostics

'Well, so much for our plan'

Our facilitators are able to establish the agenda for each team by asking team members a series of challenging questions relating to:

  • Strengths and ‘Blind Spots'
  • Interpersonal Behaviours
  • Effective Communication
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Leadership Style and Function
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Team development and Evolution

2. Team Development

Through a series of challenging and engaging exercises teams are able to observe and reflect on common behaviours and interactions. This enables them to celebrate their successes and spend time discussing things that they feel should change.

Exercises are carefully designed to meet the needs and wishes of all team members. They can take place indoors or outdoors and can be cerebral, creative or physical.

3. Review and Action Planning

Using a carefully structured review and action planning process involving a combination of buddy pairs, small and whole team discussions facilitators are able to return team members to the agenda set earlier to summarise key learning points and to identify changes to be implemented back at work. Individual team members are given responsibility for all key actions which are also are accompanied by precise methods and time scales.


RDT facilitators are able to use a variety of profiling methods in order to provide a useful framework for feedback and to help in assessing team strengths and 'blind spots'.

'Now we're on a roll'


Every team attending an event receives a thorough report on learning outcomes and summarising action plans together with a facilitator perspective on team performance during the event.

Longer Team Development programmes can include additional subject areas such as:

  • Effective Meetings
  • Time Management and Delegation
  • Team and Organisational Culture


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