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Where are these courses available?

Unless your school particularly wants an “away day”, all our courses have the advantage of being able to be delivered from your school or a nearby venue. This makes for a much more cost effective package by eliminating transport costs and logistics

What are transferable skills?

Skills which can be used anywhere, at school, university, home or in the wider world of work. We feel it is very important that students are able to transfer these skills via an action plan where they can reflect on the lessons learnt and then apply these skills to improving and developing their own performance. Our courses allow time for students to develop these reflective skills whilst facilitators will assist them to create an action plan and transfer learning.

What experience do your staff have of working with young people?

Courses are facilitated by highly experienced trainers from industry who have also spent time working with young people. All Education Response Staff have been screened through the Criminal Records Bureau and are cleared to work with students.

When is the course most appropriate?

We have found that schools use the courses for a wide range of reasons. These include:

  • Year 13 preparation for work and university.
  • Year 7 introduction to their year group.
  • “Gifted and talented” groups.
  • Year 11 students in preparation for A Level study or leaving school
  • Prefect groups and/or school councils
  • Year 12 induction into 6th form attitudes and behaviour
  • Students with learning or behavioural difficulties

Pathway or Pathway Plus Course?

This depends on if you have a specific day in mind for a particular purpose e.g. sixth form induction or if you prefer to use the pathway plus courses to meet the requirements of a project, for example on communication and working with others.

How may students can you accommodate?

We can work with small groups or complete year groups from 10 to 200; our skill lies in finding the right level of challenge for different age and ability groups. All of our courses are structured to improve the self-esteem of each pupil and their ability to work with and respect others.

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