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About Education Response

Developing skills for life

Teamwork, Leadership and Communication skills can be overlooked within schools as efforts to achieve examination targets and a broad based education within the constraints of the national curriculum take precedence. We offer a simple but effective solution to this skills gap by providing tailored Team, Leadership and Communication (TLC) courses that provide ‘tools for the toolbox of life.”

Education Response is able to offer:

  • Courses aimed at students from year groups 7 - 13
  • Content, level of input and delivery style matched to the age of the student
  • Courses carefully tailored to suit the specific needs and requirements of individual schools
  • Courses delivered to groups as small as 10 or whole year groups up to 200
  • Courses delivered at the school site or a venue nearby thus keeping costs down
  • Links to National Curriculum and key skills made for teaching staff

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