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Pathway Plus

Students taking part in Pathway Plus course

Our PathwayPlus courses are designed to add more depth of learning by providing pre and post-course modules in addition to the one-day course. We provide the pre and post-course packs, which include lesson plans for school staff on your chosen topics. The students gain additional understanding through these carefully designed lessons and project work, all of which have links to the national curriculum and key and wider skills.

Students are then able to practice and enhance their understanding of these skills during the one-day Pathway course. Finally, we provide a post-course pack to explore reviewing skills, action planning and transference of learning, which helps students to complete their own individual action plan and reflect on their own development.

The Pathway Plus Package includes:

Stage 1: Pre-course

  • A choice of any 2 Lesson Plans from our teamwork, leadership and communication range. Individual student learning books and project work is included for students to complete and keep.

Stage 2: Pathway (one day) Course.

A Course Director and senior facilitator from Education Response and at least 60% Education Response facilitators, relative to the number of participating students.

  • All course equipment, materials and instructional sheets.
  • One pre-course visit to the school
  • All administration, phone calls, advice and support.
  • Individual certificates for participating students
  • A feedback report from the Course director to the link teacher on action points and transference of learning skills. The final report will also include opportunities and suggestions for further links to the national curriculum and key and wider skills.

Stage 3: Post-course

  • A review module that includes a staff lesson plan, student action log, use of reflective practice and final project work.

As an optional extra, the pre-course module can include Belbin Team roles questionnaires that identify and explore each individual student's character traits and gives constructive feedback on how they will perform as an individual and in a team environment.

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