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Teamwork, Leadership and Communication (TLC).

We believe that in order to nurture an individual and fully recognise their all round potential, all students need “TLC.”

Our TLC Packages cover the following important themes:

Working with Others (Teamwork)

“…to contribute to small-group and whole-class discussion and to work with others to meet a challenge. If pupils are to work with others they must develop social skills and a growing awareness and understanding of others needs.”

  • We can work with small groups or complete year groups.
  • The year groups are split into small teams of 8 - 12.
  • Teams need to work together throughout the courses on practical tasks.
  • Our skill lies in finding the right level of challenge for different ability groups.
  • Our courses are structured to improve each pupil's self-esteem and their ability to work with others.


“…to inspire and motivate a group or team in order to get a particular task done, to appreciate, respect and balance the team, task and individuals working with you without losing sight of the big picture, to understand the responsibilities and subtleties of co-ordination and control.

  • Discussion groups on what qualities a good leader needs.
  • Our courses explore different leadership styles and when they are appropriate.
  • Students discuss whether leadership is always necessary and explore examples.
  • Specific responsibilities of a team leader are introduced and discussed.
  • Simple models of leadership are introduced to assist students in developing their own style.


“… to speak effectively to different audiences; to listen, understand and respond appropriately to others and to participate effectively in group discussion.”o Students communicate with outside adults (facilitators)

  • Students communicate with their peers, including friend and foe!
  • Discussion groups on school and other issues are available on courses
  • Opportunities exist for making team and individual presentations

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